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Nolo promittere – I do not wish to promise
Nolo excussare  – I do not wish to explain
Nolo queri – I do not wish to complain
Nolo satisfacere – I do not wish to apologize.

My Perspective:
1.  I am a Christian with fundamentalist/evangelical leanings.  As such, I accept the Bible as God’s word and follow a fairly literal interpretation of it.  This actually differs from what many accept as literal since I take beliefs logically inferred from scripture to be secondary in importance and inherently less reliable

My church is United Methodist and I do, in general, agree with their official stances – specifically regarding Baptism (including infant baptism), open Communion, Universal Redemption, Justification by Faith and Prevenient, Justifying and Sanctifying Grace.

2.  I am socially moderate and fiscally conservative(EXTREMELY conservative).  This, combined with a general distrust of the competence of the government as well as a strong belief that dependence on the government to supply your needs is tantamount to idolotry, tends to put me in the libertarian camp.  More specifically, I am an austrian school of economics influenced anarcho-capitalist.

I do not believe that abortion is morally justifiable, that recreational drug use is rational, that prostitution is ever an acceptable career or expenditure or that strong alcohol has positive value.  I believe in seat belts and helmets and I do NOT believe in talking on a cell phone, or texting, while driving.  However.  I also don’t believe that it is the Government’s place to ban or severely restrict any of this.  Laws are not adequate substitutes for morality and governments are poor stewards of righteousness.  Honestly, most people who would trust a 12 year old kid to babysit for them would balk at leaving their children in the clutches of a Senator picked at random.  Yet we are seriously supposed to look to these people for guidance??

I am firmly of the opinion that whom you turn to to determine your actions is equivalent to honoring and elevating them.  If you do what is right because God leads you to do so, you are honoring God, but if you do so because of Government edict, you are honoring the Government.  How then, is this not idolatry?

3.  I currently have an A.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Physics.   I also have a few minor certifications (Comptia A+ and ITIL Foundations), but the bulk of my education is informal.

My Career:
I have worked or am currently working in the following areas:
1. Retail (hey, we all have to start somewhere!) – I worked as a cashier and later on the sales floor for a department store and a shoe store.  This, along with an assistanceship from my school and a fair amount of help from my parents, allowed me to earn my B.S. debt free. 🙂
2. Military – I was enlisted in the U.S. Army for 4 years – basically as a paper pusher.  I then transferred into the Army National Guard and then into the Air National Guard.
3. Customer Service – I worked in telephone helpdesks for about three years – one assisting individual stock brokers with their personal equipment and two supporting a web based scheduling application.
4. Programmer – I spent a year programming in a language that no longer technically exists.

My rules:

As I am aiming at quality rather than quantity, I intend to adhere to the following rules for writing blog articles:

1.  While I may write about current events, it will be with the intention of permanency – my commentary should read with relevence five years from when I write it.

2.  By fiat, I am constrained to avoid identifying references to self, family and friends.  Therefore, my family currently consists of my wife – “the little lady,” my oldest son – “Mr. Stinky Feet”, my daughter – “Pink” and my youngest son – “the Cliff Bar Thief”.

3.  I will put forth a competent product and will withhold submission of my writing until I have reached a satisfactory level of quality.  That said, I reserve the right to modify and improve my works as I see fit.
I will put forth the most competent product I can with the constraint that I still produce a submission on a regular basis. This is not entirely getting rid of the “quality” aspect of my writing – merely setting it as a goal rather than a limiting factor.

4.  As I don’t believe intellectual monopolies are in the general best interest, I release all my works to a creative commons, license with attribution (  This means you can copy anything on this page, distribute it, sell it and modify it as you see fit.  However, if you do use it, link to the original article (because I may have modified it per rule 3 above and I want people to have a chance to look at the rest of my works).

My audience:

I write for myself.  This, however, differs from others who write self promoting, narcicistic mental flotsom without a critical or judgemental eye because it serves a larger purpose than self agrandizement or mental doodling.  My writing is my best attempt to take a rational scalpel to my own judgments, prejudices and opinions on a variety of subjects.

Of course, as with everyone, my emotional self is in charge (it has been proven empirically that decisions – especially highly critical ones – are made emotionally and then entrenched by rationalization.  He who says he makes decisions rationally is either a freak or a liar).  This is an exercise to bring rationality into my decisions – an exercise in self improvement if you will.  Hopefully, I will become more intuitively aware of the logic of a situation and, in the process, show me how to make more intuitively rational decisions.

I make no promises about the success of this endeavor – to myself or my readers.

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