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State of the Union – Why Homeschoolers Should be Wary

January 25, 2012

President Obama gave his State of the Union address today. While there is plenty to be written about here, I’m sure others will cover most of it adequately.  However, one part struck a very ominous chord for me as a homeschooler.

This is the paragraph that has me worried:

“We also know that when students aren’t allowed to walk away from their education, more of them walk the stage to get their diploma.  So tonight, I call on every State to require that all students stay in high school until they graduate or turn eighteen.”

It seems to me this can be used to require homeschoolers to be registered and/or tracked.  After all, how else can you be sure they are really “in” school.

This is especially worrying for any homeschoolers in Illinois – lawmakers tried to enact a bill requiring exactly this less than a year ago. It was tabled after homeschoolers showed up in force to defeat it.  However, that may not be enough if lawmakers feel they have a mandate from the Federal government requiring it.  If they simply have to say “hey my hands are tied – we don’t have a choice” we could march a million people to the  capital and it still wouldn’t make a difference.

Of course, a call to states to take an action is not binding, so nothing may come of it.  However, if it is something the State Politicians want anyways and all they are looking for is an excuse to do it, Obama just handed it to them.

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