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Newt and Mitt are Interchangeable – with Barack!

December 12, 2011

Vox Day helpfully pointed out that not only are Newt and Mitt essentially interchangeable, they are also interchangeable with their erstwhile opponent in the major areas!

from WND:

Both Newt Romney and Barack Obama supported the banking bailouts and will not hesitate to bail out any financial institutions that fail in the future. Both Newt Romney and Barack Obama believe government is the solution to the global economic crisis and support intervention in the global economy through the International Monetary Fund and the various European organizations. Both Newt Romney and Barack Obama favor permitting more foreigners to enter and remain in the United States. Both Newt Romney and Barack Obama favor continuing the various military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Uganda and now Iran. And neither Newt Romney nor Barack Obama has any intention in taking control of the rogue Federal Reserve, which is funneling billions of dollars to European banks without any oversight from anyone.

Moreover, they are WORSE than Obama in one important area – they would get MORE done.

Mr. Hope and Change has turned out to be the most lazy, supine and disengaged president since Calvin Coolidge, which is an excellent quality, indeed. If we must have an activist committed to an insane ideology as president, by all means, let him be a lazy one. Newt Romney, on the other hand, will be either excessively enthusiastic or excessively efficient in driving the nation into the economic abyss. As more than one Republican has commented, about the only thing worse than Obama’s election would have been President John McCain. As bad as Obama has been, it is readily apparent that McCain would have bombed Pakistan, invaded Iran and bailed out Greece had he won in 2008.

Mr. Day’s proposed alternative is the same as mine – its time to consider Ron Paul for President!


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