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Newt and Mitt are Interchangeable

December 8, 2011

Okay, so Newt Gingrich is a credible threat to Mitt Romney.  Though I still find that incredible, I have to acknowledge what has become an obvious fact.

In the long run, politically, it changes nothing.

Should Newt get the nomination, the republican odds of defeating Obama in 2012 don’t change one bit.  Gingrich is exactly as electable as Romney – no more and no less. Sure, Gingrich has more dirt on him, but it’s pretty well already dug through and, simply stated, he’s a more experienced politician and can overcome more than Romney can.

Should he win the election, policy under Newt would be pretty much the same thing as policy under Mitt.  Currently, their stated values are virtually identical.  And hey! If there ARE any differences that you find significant, just wait a week or two – they’ll change!

Finally, they are both bad for the US in general for the same reasons.  They put the entire political framework under the rule of one party and eliminate checks and balances completely and they both have the same misapprehensions about the economy.  The only republican this does NOT apply to is Ron Paul.  Every other potential nominee values party over principles.

In other “two sides of the same coin” news, Obama refused to relax “Plan B” restrictions and continues to fight for preventing tax increases in 2012.  Liberals who previously voted for him are cringing.


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