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Perry is the Left’s Greatest Assett

September 24, 2011

I don’t understand why the left is demonizing Rick Perry at this point in the game. I mean sure, if he were the nominee, attack him because you want your candidate to win, but until then, he’s their best chance at winning or at least cutting their losses. Have they not learned anything from the Obama disaster?

Consider history and the lessons it teaches. Consider your own history because you at least should know that much – you lived through it! Consider the nomination and subsequent presidency of your own candidate. They teach two very important lessons.

Remember the things Hillary had going for her? She had experience. She had a strong political agenda and knew how to get it enacted and she had political clout. Her big weakness, however, was the fact that she was politically polarizing. She was beatable in a way Obama was not in that she was sure to mobilize conservatives and right leaning independents to show up on election day because she was “the Lizard Queen” and “Had already BEEN president when Bill got elected” and “would give us MANDATORY National health insurance!!!” Obama was the outsider, the third way, the one with the chance to reach across the aisle and get things done. He was suave, politically agile and charming. He didn’t raise instinctive hackles and, as a result, with Palin polarizing things on the other side, he won the election easily.

The lesson here is, if you want to win an election, LET the other side do the polarizing. Perry polarizes, Romney does not. In a general election, Romney has a better chance of winning (and therefore beating the candidate on the left) than Perry.

Now, remember more recent history. Remember national healthcare (hey! didn’t Obama oppose mandatory coverage?). Remember how long it took to get passed. Remember how long it took before Obama did more than just sit back and let congress flail about trying to put something together (all the while, jobs were hemorrhaging and the economy was weakening). Remember how many different forms it took and how, when it finally passed, almost no one knew the actual details of what was even in it. We then had a midterm election. Since Obama didn’t take a major role in its creation, congress was left to pay for the debacle of the process and its final form. If Hillary HAD been elected, most of the circus would have been eliminated – she would have OWNED Healthcare from the beginning, gotten a vote on it in half the time, and moved on to more important stuff – like jobs, handling oil leaks and the economy in general. She may not have done a better job, but she absolutely would have taken a stronger stance as a leader. The 2008 election would certainly have been less damaging to the general democratic candidate and 2012 would be on a more secure democratic footing.

The lesson here, the more capable candidate is generally going to be better for your side and worse for the other side. Now I’m not saying Perry is incapable. He has been governor of a major state for more than a decade and has undoubtedly learned a thing or two in the process, but these are the undisputed facts: Romney is smarter than Perry (sorry Perry, a law degree and MBA from Harvard trump a BS in animal husbandry from Texas A & M). He had a very good record as well when he was governor (with less controversy and a good deal of positive accomplishments – including a balanced budget and improved economy). He successfully ran a major business taking it out of a financial crisis and then turning a spinoff into a runaway moneymaker earning him millions, understands economics on a plethora of levels and successfully brought the Olympics to Salt Lake City, turning it into a money-maker as well in the process. In short, he’s going to get his agenda adapted more successfully and more quickly than Perry will. And just to remind you, Romney’s agenda is anti-abortion, anti gay marriage, anti gun control, anti welfare and anti Mandatory nationalized healthcare. In short, Romney will do more to HURT the left’s agenda than Perry. Yet you attack Perry when he’s all that stands in the way of Romney running against your candidate for president in 2012 and, according to most polls, very possibly winning.

So much as you may dislike him, Perry is your most powerful weapon in the battle to the presidential election. And you throw him away only to your detriment.

Oh, and your second most powerful weapon? Did you notice all the good things I said above about Hillary? And did you notice how no one is talking about how polarizing she is anymore? I – and a fair amount of other people – think she is currently more electable than poor Barry these days.


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