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When to Teach Your Ten Year Old Son Drinking Games.

August 31, 2011

Yes, my wife taught our ten-year old son a drinking game. Yes she even played it with him. Yes, she had my approval for all this. Yes we do regret it (a little).

Z1 – our oldest son, got sick. He had a fever and a cough and a sore throat. Never all that good at staying hydrated even when healthy, he stopped eating and drinking. We found we had to stand over him just to get him to take a few swallows. He wouldn’t take water, juice, Gatorade, punch or anything else and we were getting worried. Finally, to get him to take in some fluids, for his own good, my wife came up with a plan.

She pulled the Star Wars Drinking game off the web, took two bottles of Gatorade out of the refrigerator, grabbed “A New Hope” off the shelf and introduced Z1 to a subject normally not covered until college.

And it worked too! He finished off the entire bottle in short order and had fun doing it. He even wanted to play again later on with “The Empire Strikes Back”!

It started getting out of hand though. He kept talking about the drinking games he had played, bringing up rules in various situations and even thinking up a few new ones. finally it came to a head as he announced to the family that he had written a drinking game for the Bionicles movies we owned. We realized that, having a normal child’s boundless enthusiasm for games and movies, he was bound to try to share this with his friends – primarily homeschoolers with parents who would NOT understand or appreciate his efforts. So, my wife, who created this monster, took him aside and explained to him what drinking games were commonly used for and why he should probably keep his new one out of the limelight.

This was one of those conversations you never think you will have with your children.


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