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Rebecca Black – New Homeschooler

August 11, 2011

People homeschool for a variety of reasons – academic achievement, flexibility for careers in sports or entertainment and even protection from harmful influences or bullying.  Rebecca Black could have chosen homeschooling for any of these reasons.  Sadly, the last reason is the overriding one.

from the Yahoo Music Blog:

It’s hardly shocking news that some on the Internet hate Rebecca Black. With her “Friday” video getting well over a hundred million hits on YouTube, it’s no surprise she has a few in-person haters, too. Unfortunately, among them are some of Black’s schoolmates. Their taunting has finally resulted in Black being pulled from school.

Black’s mother has decided to home school the 14-year-old from now on, a new decision which also allows more time to focus on her daughter’s career. But the teen seems zen about her alarming circumstances. The online anti-Rebecca comments became so violent at one point the FBI became involved when Black started receiving death threats. But now that the bullying has branched off the internet and into her real life, Black has been forced to act.

Granted, the song was truly horrific. It’s still no reason to torment the poor kid, who neither wrote the lyrics nor chose to auto-tune the song to the point that it confessed to bombing churches. In reality, Rebecca Black is pretty talented. If ANYONE deserves social stigma, it’s the people at ARK Music Factory who are actually responsible for the disaster it became.

Still, homeschooling looks like a good fit for Rebecca.  She will get time to focus on her career, the ability to work one on one with her teacher (her Mom) to tailor her education to accentuate her strengths and correct her weaknesses and keep her family around her as a moral buttress against the  storms.  I guess this is just another case of a bad situation leading to a good outcome.


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