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It’s Official, Microsoft Internet Explorer users are Stupid!

August 3, 2011

A company that specializes in psychometry recently released a report that correlated browser usage with I.Q.  AptiQuant, the company responsible for the report, used a simple method – they provided an I.Q. test online and harvested the resulting scores along with the browser used by the test taker.

Naturally, IE users scored low.

I turns out that the average IQ score of the users of every browser EXCEPT Microsoft Internet Explorer was above 100.  The range went from approximately 108 for Firefox uses to nearly 130 for Opera users.  In contrast, IE users averaged as low as the low 80’s for version six users and peaked only in the mid ’90’s for IE version 8.  It is to be noted that people using IE version 9 actually scored slightly less than version 8 users, suggesting that, if you are going through the effort of switching, you have to be willfully stupid to go to a newer, version of IE rather than pretty much anything else on the market.

AptiQuant 'Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Browser Usage' survey results

In related news, IE users proved the accuracy of the study results by grouping together and threatening to sue the company for calling them stupid. Since they have no chance of winning, this lawsuit only serves as further publicity for the company (honestly, most likely the real reason they published the study in the first place, but results are results regardless of the motivation or the source).  Hopefully they will demand IQ tests to refute AptiQuant’s claims – I haven’t ranted about the difference between statistics and anecdotes in a while and feel like brushing a little dust off the argument.

Update: yes it’s a hoax – that doesn’t mean it’s not TRUE though!


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