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Maybe the Anti Illegal Immigrant Laws Should Make an Exception for Migrant Workers…

June 25, 2011

I really do feel sorry for you if you are a Georgia farmer.  I’m guessing you guys didn’t want the government to drive all your workers out of the state leaving your crops to rot – especially since it likely means some of you will lose your farms.

Of course, many people will point out that worker wages are only a part of your total expenses and that you could raise wages significantly while only increasing the cost of your crops a little, but you and I know better than that.  You know that people like me comparison shop.  I check the prices of other stores and look for the best deals.  I check advertisements and clip coupons.  And a small difference in prices is easily enough for me to switch sellers.  You also know that, while not all people shop like that, a significant number do.  More specifically, you know that an IMPORTANT segment of the population does – the part that shops for grocery stores.    Pricing your crops just a few cents higher than your competitors is easily enough to drive these people away.  Then, it doesn’t matter in the slightest that you managed to hire workers to pick your crops.  You still won’t be able to sell them.

Happily, this does have a good side.  Your state is going to actually face the consequences of its actions.  Granted you farmers are going to get the brunt of it, going bankrupt in the process, at least you will serve as a warning to other states that the economic consequences of their actions are real and have to be taken into account.

That should be worth something, right?


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