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Killing Net Neutrality

March 11, 2011

It’s starting in the House of Representatives.  Unfortunately, it will likely die in the Senate, but that is NOT a foregone conclusion.  At least the attempt is being made.
 from PC World:

A U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee has voted in favor of a resolution to throw out the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s recently adopted net neutrality rules.

The communications subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee voted 15-8 along party lines for a resolution of disapproval that would overturn the FCC’s rules. Those rules would prohibit broadband providers from selectively blocking or slowing Web traffic.

The resolution would also prohibit the FCC from re-attempting to create similar net neutrality rules.

I understand the desire to ensure the right to Hulu remains intact – after all, I don’t have cable or satellite TV, so the internet is my primary means of watching tv these days.  However, ham-handed management by the government is more likely to hurt the web overall than it is to help.    Consider that later in the article I’m quoting wireless internet companies point out that this will hurt them.  It seems to me that Net Neutrality would be an effective means of driving competition out of the market, making AT&T and a few cable companies the de facto rulers of the internet.  And without competition, our internet experience will get worse, not better.

The right way to ensure you keep access to the high bandwidth content you want is to eliminate barriers to entry and promote competition.  Companies provide more when they know that if they don’t, you will go to someone else who will.

(hat tip: slashdot)


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