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What about the Administrators?

February 24, 2011

Providence, Rhode Island fired all of its teachers.

My first thought was, of course, “one more reason to homeschool!”  And of course, this IS appropriate.  However, there was this one niggling thought that I couldn’t get rid of – why did they just fire the teachers.  There is a HUGE amount of non educators in any public school system – many of whom make enough money to pay five or six teachers salaries simultaneously.  without the teachers, how do they justify their jobs?  Why is Providence keeping them if they let all the teachers go?  Is there some sort of secret school administrator’s union that puts the NEA to shame?

Ultimately, I know that this is mostly just how the system has to satisfy bureaucratic conditions along with being a way to prep the people of Providence for a tax hike or some other such nonsense and most, if not all, of the teachers are really in no way at risk of losing their jobs, but still, how do the teachers come under the axe before their support? 


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