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Maloney Targeting Homeschoolers Specifically

February 9, 2011

Last week Illinois State Senator Ed Maloney introduced a bill that, if passed, would require parents register children who are not in public school.  If your child went to a private or a parochial school or was homeschooled, you would have to register them with the board of education each year. 

That didn’t sit too well with some people, so Senator Maloney clarified his position.

He’s out to get the homeschoolers.

From the Southtown Star:

“Is there a compelling reason for parents of non-public, parochial or homeschool students to register with the state?” asked former state Sen. Patrick O’Malley (R-Palos Park). “That seems odd.”

That’s a question many interested parents are asking this week after learning about the buzz-creating Senate Bill 136. Tuesday morning, Maloney said things had slightly changed.

“We’re not after private school students. We’re going to amend the bill’s language. What we want is to know where the homeschoolers are,” he said.

“There are virtually no regulations on homeschools. No curriculum, no periodic checks on their progress. Regional superintendents tell me they have no way of knowing whether a home-taught student is truant or not,” he said. “We want more accountability.”

That’s right, he doesn’t want “accountability” for private schools or parochials.  The former school superintendent wants power over homeschoolers.  This despite the fact that homeschoolers consistently outperform their public school counterparts educationally and socially, the fact that there is no evidence of any benefit to homeschoolers from monitoring and the fact that the failing schools and rampant violence in public schools would indicate that he should focus more on the public schools than on the homeschoolers.

This isn’t a law yet though, there is still time to fight it!


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