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Do We Not Like Wikileaks Because it’s OUR Country They’re Ratting Out?

December 1, 2010

The Republicans hate Wikileaks.  Hillary Clinton thinks that Wikileaks should be considered a terrorist organization, Sara Palin thinks Julian Assange should be hunted down and Mike Huckabee (remeber, he was a pastor before he was a politician) wants whoever released the classified messages to Wikileaks executed.  Pundits are comparing Obama’s handling of Wikileaks to Carter’s handling of the hostages in Iran.  It seems that all but the staunchest libertarians and the hardcore leftists feel that Wikileaks is evil.

There are a couple of problems with this though.  One is the fact that most of the “classified” information leaked is not all that big a secret and most of the US private positions are pretty much what they say in public as well – i.e. it’s like your little brother giving your mom the pages in your diary that “confess” that you feel your parents are pretty awesome.  Really, most of the “embarrassing” stuff is from other countries.

The other problem is, of the stuff the U.S. DOES find embarrassing,  Wikileaks is publishing mostly attitudes and actions that, in an individual or a company, we would demand be exposed and acted on.  If we got this information on an organization outside the Government – or on a foreign government like North Korea – many of the same people deploring Wikileaks now, would be extolling its virtues as a champion of freedom and truth.  It seems to me that if the big problem you have with a leak is the fact that you are entwined with the government whose secret was leaked, then the leak itself isn’t the problem.


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