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Recycling Sucks

November 10, 2010
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I don’t know how recycling became synonymous with environmentalism.  Repair is SO obviously greener!  Recycling costs energy – sometimes more energy than making the same thing from raw components (for example glass, it actually takes SIGNIFICANTLY more heat to melt glass than it does to make glass from sand.  This is simply because sand has a better surface to volume ratio.  Tiny jagged fractal edged pieces melt easier). Recycling involves transporting materials to a central location, which burns fuel.  Recycling takes resources away from you and gives them to a corporation for their benefit at your expense.  Repair has none of these problems. 

Repair costs materials (but not always), tools (again not always) and time.   But not always.    You may disagree with that last “not always”, but that just means you believe you don’t gain from your time spent repairing.  However, if you find you enjoy repair, if you learn from it or if you end up gaining in other ways then your time is not being just spent, it’s being invested.

My recent repairs include a washer water level regulator, a washer agitator repair, clearing out a clog in the dish washer when it stopped draining and an attempt to fix a dryer that wouldn’t spin (I had to call in a professional on the last one because I missed the baby sock that somehow got past the lint trap and into the fan).  I did all these repairs with the assistance of my oldest son.  He had the time of his life and vowed to become a plumber.  I spent some SERIOUS quality time with my son – time I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Try getting THAT from recycling!


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