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Competition Prevents Riots

November 10, 2010

Students in England are Rioting over Tuition hikes.  This is far less likely to happen here though.  The difference isn’t in costs or the violent nature of our respective citizens.  The difference here is the fact that we have choices. 

England’s University system is still government controlled and, while we also have government controlled institutes of higher learning, these are state and locally governed – not federally.  This means that, if you don’t like the University of Illinois in Edwardsville, you can go to the University of Missouri in St. Louis, Southwestern illinois college or even Jefferson College.  You can also to any number of private institutions.  All of these have different prices, offer different incentives and promise different educations. 

England’s problem isn’t poorer education or more expensive classes.  It’s a centrally owned system where one decision by the government affects EVERYBODY – and no one feels like they have a choice in the matter.  With the U.S. every price is individually chosen and, while students may bemoan the rising costs.  They don’t do it all at once and they don’t whip[ eachother into a frenzy about it.

That can change, however.  It doesn’t take that much to turn our system into a government operated one with the same weaknesses. 


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