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Once More Praying for Gridlock

November 1, 2010

Once again ’tis the season to be voting. So far, I’ve enjoyed the immensely – lots of mudslinging! It’ refreshing to hear our leadership speaking the truth for a change. I’m feeling particularly cheerful this election because it looks likely that I’ll be getting what I want every election – gridlock!

It’s obvious that the house is going republican and the senate will likely either stay democratic or possibly get split down the middle. Either way brings about a government with a usable brake installed.

George Washington warned about letting parties develop in the political system. Every time we get a president and house working on the same side, we see why he was worried. It’s almost enough to wish for a constitutional change throwing the house votes to the opposition party – say automatically adding five percent of the votes to the side opposing the president on election day.

But even without an amendment, we do seem to manage to get our fair share of gridlock – and that fact makes me feel MUCH better about the potential direction of our government for the next couple of years.

Of course, in 2012, if we get a republican president, then we are stuck with a government that rolls again. But that’s still a while away – a lot can happen between then and now!


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