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That Map is out to KILL Dora

October 18, 2010

This post is for the parents of pre school aged children out there.  If you let your kids watch the television series “Dora the Explorer,” they may be watching attempts at homicide on a daily basis.

It took me a little while to catch on.  After all, while it does seem extraordinary that a kid should just happen to have to deal with bats, snakes, sharks, cliffs, rapids, giant soldier ants, dragons and a host of other potentially lethal hazards, it wasn’t totally beyond the realm of possibility.  After all, she went to a lot of out-of-the-way places and we pretty much all had to trust that the map was operating with good will.

That is, until Dora asked the map how to go home.

That’s right, the map tipped its hand when Dora asked how to get home.  I guess she got excited when her mother called her.  She obviously just came from her house and, since she was well within earshot of her mom, who was at the house, she couldn’t have been too far away.  But did that map send her back along the path ser just came?  No, it sent her through a venomous spider filled jungle and across a crocodile filled river!  Now if that doesn’t show malicious intent, I don’t know what does!

If you ask me, the next time Dora needs to call something when she doesn’t know the way to go, she should go with Garmin.



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