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Why Are All Bad Guys Idiots?

July 2, 2010

From the Shoe Bomber to these Russian spies, everyone Our side catches these days seems to be about fifty-one and a half cards short of a full deck.  Why are these the only ones we are catching?

Is a certain amount of time spent riding the short bus a requirement to be a bad guy?  Is the U.S. Government deliberately making all these people look like idiots by sabotaging their bombs and inserting breadcrumbs into the investigation to make them look careless?  Are the agencies on our side simply incapable of capturing anyone with an IQ higher than that of a turnip?

The first possibility seems statistically unlikely and much as I would be reassured by the second possibility, I find I simply can’t rule out the third one.  I’d like to believe that the fact we haven’t had another 9/11 incident supports the second possibility, but it could simply be that the smart ones are not that blatant, are more patient than that or they have hit somewhere and the news has been suppressed.

Anyone have any reassurances out there?


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