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Does Obama Have a Sense of Humor?

June 22, 2010

Obama’s reaction to General McChrystal’s comments quoted in a Rolling Stone article will say much about him.

McChrystal was called back to Washington to explain his remarks.  That is a reasonable reaction.  General McChrystals remarks showed lack of respect toward his superiors and, as an officer speaking contemptuous words against the Vice president, he potentially faces a court-martial that could bust him to private, take away his pay and privileges, imprison him for a year and dismiss him from the military (Enlisted personnel getting kicked out are discharged, Officers are dismissed).

That is the maximum punishment, but it doesn’t HAVE to be his punishment at all – in fact, if the President chooses, he can let it go with a simple “don’t let it happen again” and move on.  Really, it all depends on how thin skinned the President and Vice President are.  And, since Biden seems to be pretty level-headed and able to shrug off remarks, that means it all comes down to h0w Obama reacts.

Obama has been called thin-skinned before – he seems to keep cool about matters of policy and governance, but criticisms that even seem to be directed at him personally rankle him.

That does not bode well for General McChrystal.


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  1. Rob permalink

    “since Biden seems to be pretty level-headed and able to shrug off remarks”

    Umm… are you talking about the same Joe Biden who claims to be the VP of the United States? The man with a notorious temper and filthy mouth? Try doing a couple of Google searches for “Biden temper” and Biden profanity” and then let us know if you still think the same of him.

    • You might as well look at them both together:
      And when you look at the actual stories, you don’t see too many times when Biden is the one THROWING the hissy fit. More often you see stories like this

      It says a lot when Vice President Joe Biden comes across as the Obama administration’s most skilled statesman. Last week during a visit to Israel, Mr. Biden was caught off-guard by an announcement that work would progress on 1,600 apartment units in Jerusalem’s Ramat Shlomo neighborhood, a Jewish enclave in the northern part of the city claimed by Palestinians. This faux pas could have ended civilly. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized for the bad timing of the announcement, and Mr. Biden reiterated the strength of the relationship between the two countries. Life should have gone on.

      Instead, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, in close coordination with President Obama, called Mr. Netanyahu and launched a 45-minute telephone tirade. White House senior adviser David Axelrod declared Sunday that the announcement was an “insult” and an “affront” and that resolving this issue was “important for our own security.” The Obama administration is demanding the Ramat Shlomo project be cancelled or peace talks cannot continue. Meanwhile, Palestinians – emboldened by the White House chastising Israel – are rioting in the streets.

      There is a difference between foul language and a temper and an actual inability to take what your opponents dish out.

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