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Spelling Bee Preliminaries – A Good Start!

June 3, 2010

The Scripps National Spelling Bee Preliminaries are under way – eighty-five spellers done and no homeschoolers have missed yet!

I know that round two is the easy round (“hi mom and dad! I totally spelled this word!” according to ALOTT5MA), but so far it looks like about one in ten are missing – so we’re beating the odds!

You can keep track of the rounds at the spelling bee site and you can watch this afternoon’s – and tomorrow’s rounds on espn3.

Here’s to wishing the kids the best of luck!

update: 8:15 Central – 13 for 13 now!

Update2: 9:10 Central – 163 contestants have come up, 16 have missed.  None of the 17 Homeschoolers have missed yet!

Update3: 10:12 Central – home stretch – 260 have come up and  still NO homeschoolers have missed!  At this point there are only three left.

Update 4 – and that finishes off a perfect round for the homeschooled group!


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