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How Joe McGinnis Might Facilitate Sarah Palin’s Murder

May 31, 2010

No, I’m not saying he’s out to harm her physically or even that he wouldn’t be shocked and outraged if it happened. However, anyone who IS out to break into her house, or assault her, rape her or kill her or anyone in her family, just might have an unwitting accomplice in Joe McGinnis.

Joe McGinnis has moved next door to Sarah Palin for the express purpose of research into a book he is writing about her – most likely a hit piece as that is what he has written mostly in the past. And while it is not likely anything more than a move to push her buttons and generate publicity, people who hear of it are finding it creepy in an obsessive-stalker kind of way.

Now I don’t believe he’s going to be peering into her little girls’ bedrooms, bugging her phones, digging through her trash or doing anything else specifically illegal, It DID occur to me that even so, he could be instrumental in the plans of anyone else who has a grudge and isn’t so concerned about the law.

Part of the problem is that Wasilla is a small, remote town – it doesn’t have unlimited resources and can’t quickly draw on larger pools in anything resembling a timely manner. This means that it has to use its resources efficiently if they are to be effective.

Now, imagine you are in charge of the police force in Wasilla and something DOES happen to Sarah Palin or one of her family members. You naturally launch an investigation and look for possible suspects. And Right off the bat, you notice her next door neighbor is some wacko obsessive outsider who provably has an agenda that involves causing her problems. Moreover, EVERYONE else in the town knows he and she do not get along. When you ask if anyone has been in the neighborhood taking an interest in her, EVERYBODY automatically thinks of him and unsurprisingly, the guy, who, when he isn’t trying to investigate her is alone writing his book, doesn’t have an alibi.

If this doesn’t make him automatically your number one suspect, it certainly puts him close. Add to this the fact that Sarah Palin has a fair amount of political clout in Wasilla – very likely enough to influence the direction of an investigation – and you get a formula that commits much, if not ALL of the resources going into the search for a criminal towards one man.

And while all of that is happening, the trail of the REAL criminal is getting colder and colder.

And don’t think that it will take a short time to rule McGinnis out as a suspect either. As I pointed out, the odds he has an alibi are not that great and if the real criminal has thought about it even casually, he will have taken the time to make sure at least SOME of the evidence on hand points at the obvious choice. Face it, framing McGinnis just makes sense at that point.

This does not mean that anything bad WILL happen to Sarah. After all, most of the people in Alaska actually like her, it IS a pretty long way to travel for an outsider to come for nefarious purposes and I’m sure she and her family take normal precautions as any national politician would. However, if anything DID happen, Joe McGinnis might have plenty of reasons to regret his style of journalism.


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