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Drunk Driver of a Barbie Car Proves the Brits Have Become Complete Pansies

April 21, 2010

From the Telegraph:

Man loses licence after drink-driving in toy Barbie car

A man who was caught drink-driving in a toy car with a top speed of 4mph has
been banned from driving.

Paul Hutton: Man caught drunk driving in toy Barbie car banned from driving

Paul Hutton was given a mandatory three-year ban because he had received another drink-drive ban within the past ten years


Paul Hutton, 40, was pulled over by police as he drove an electric Barbie car,
which moves slower than a mobility scooter, near his home in Essex.

Appearing before magistrates last week, he admitted driving the toy car while

He was given a mandatory three-year ban because he had received another
drink-drive ban within the past ten years.

Magistrates also gave him a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered him to
pay £85 court costs.

Chairman of the bench Neil Munson said: “This is most unusual.

“I have never seen the like of it in 15 years on the bench.

“The vehicle is not even capable of doing the speed of a mobility scooter and
could be outrun by a pedestrian.

“Taking this into account, we feel we can impose a sentence of a conditional
discharge for a period of 12 months.”

The car was confiscated by police until the hearing but Mr Hutton now hopes to
get it back.

This story has a plethora of messages – It highlights the idiocy of  the British legal system, it shows what is wrong with mandatory sentencing and why sentencing without reason is especially pernicious when combined with laws that attempt to make us better people instead of simply protecting our natural rights and staying out of our way otherwise.

It also tells us that the Brits have been completely emasculated.  I don’t mean because a grown man was driving a barbie car.  If a man wants to patrol his neighborhood in a “dream car with Ken at his side and a pink Hello Kitty AR-15 in his hand, I say he has a perfect right to do so.  I’m talking about the “perpetrator’s” reaction to being arrested, charged, convicted and sentenced to drunk driving in a car that is no danger whatsoever to anything bigger, faster or more durable than a slug.  Specifically, I’m referring to these two sentences:

“I was very surprised to get done for drink-driving but I was a twit to say
the least.


“I’m not unhappy with my punishment, just a little bit surprised.”

Who reacts that way?  The whole idea is absurd!  Anyone with any sense of right and wrong would be morally outraged at the injustice, but this guy just rolls over and exposes his belly to the courts in complete surrender.

I can only wonder if this is a recent mentality or if this has always been the British mentality.  If the latter, it WOULD explain why they were so caught off guard when we declared our independence.

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