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Wiseman’s Friday Puzzle getting easier

April 17, 2010

Wiseman’s Friday puzzle was easier than usual – it was almost disappointing, really – I guess I’ll have to do some Euler work to make up for it.

The puzzle is just geometric – take the following babies and isolate them using 2 square screens:

The solution is here after the break:

baby puzzle solution

I guess it’s remotely possible that people might not think to turn the square so it’s a diamond (although the POINT of a puzzle is to get you to explore hidden mental assumptions), but I would find it hard to believe that any reasonably intelligent person wouldn’t try turning it after a few attempts involving overlaps.

Oh, and I’m skeptical of many of the claims of chiropracters too, but I DO understand that just because the local medical authorities don’t have evidence of their effectiveness doesn’t mean they don’t work or that they’re worse than cures that are proven effective but have significant side effects.  After all, accupuncture was only recently recognized as effective for the treatment of several types of pain, but that doesn’t mean it only recently became effective.

I guess it helps that, while I AM skeptical of a lot of what chiropractors do, I’m also skeptical of a lot of what mainstream medical practitioners do as well.


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