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March 31, 2010

That’s my response to the excuse the Massachusetts District Attorney put up to explain why she didn’t charge any school officials when one of the teens in their care got bullied to the point of suicide:

The district attorney called the failure of adults at the school to stop the harassment “troublesome,” but not criminal.

“We sought the charges that we feel were most appropriate for these activities,” Scheibel said.

She said school officials had “a lack of understanding of harassment associated with teen dating relationships.”

I can accept that they had no social lives as teens and so had no direct experience with dating relationships, but you would think that, while working inside a high school, they might have observed the kids they were in charge of and possibly even figured out how that whole “sex” thing worked.

Really, is the teachers union up there really so powerful that it can cow the government into not performing its duties even when the school staff helps kill children?

And it gets worse:

Referring to the Massachusetts “public duty rule” that bars schools and teachers from being sued for what students do, Murphy said of Scheibel, “because she knows they can’t be sued civilly, she had an extra responsibility to charge them criminally.”

That’s right, since the DA didn’t bring up criminal charges, not ONE employee in that school that watched this girl get tormented and harassed and did nothing, not a single adult who ignored her pleas for help and let her hope for rescue die, not ONE RESPONSIBLE ADULT WILL FACE ANY CONSEQUENCES WHATSOEVER!

Your kids are not safe in school. The teachers don’t have to protect them, the school doesn’t have to provide a safe environment and the administration doesn’t have to do a thing if your kids are in danger.

Get your children out!

Update: In case you think homeschooling to avoid bullying is an unusual step, Laura Brodie of Psychology Today says it happens:

When I first started to write about the year I spent homeschooling my daughter, I was surprised at all the parents who said “Yes, I did that for a while,” or “I have friends who homeschooled for a year.” And what was one of the most common reasons for pulling a child temporarily from school? Bullying.


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