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Taxpayer = Loser

March 27, 2010

All you people giving the government money, thanks!  You’re paying for my next adoption!

The healthcare law changes pretty much everything in this country in one way or another.  One relatively minor thing it does is turn me from a simple worker into a sponge on the dole.

And it’s not directly through health insurance either.

If you go to page 903 of the bill, you will see changes to the tax code that “fix” the adoption benefit.  It increases the benefit from 10,000 to 13,000, changes the modified rates for higher incomes inflation and finally – and this is where I come in – changes the benefit to be refundable!

In case you’re not sure what that means, I’ll explain.  You see, previously, since I don’t make enough money to have 10,000 in taxes due to the government, I would get the amount I paid back in full, but no more.  Well, until next year – it can be claimed over six years in total (which STILL isn’t enough to get the full amount for me, but that is no longer a worry).  NOW, however, on my next adoption, even if I don’t make enough money to owe the government a cent, I get the entire amount back!

Now, since I’m getting money back that I didn’t put in, I’m obviously getting it from you!  So when you get your next payroll statement and see the amount of federal taxes you’re paying in, remember that I am taking a part of it and there is nothing you can do about it.

But I DO appreciate it, so thanks!


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