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March 18, 2010

My son was down and out with the flu this week, leaving him unable to pursue the normal joys and adventures of the day.

Well, almost.

Scene: our house. The boy –  sick, coughing, aching, lying on the couch with a bucket close at hand, is curled up with a blanket.

His mom comes in, checks his forehead and tries to make him more comfortable.

Mom: “You’re getting warm again, here is some Tylenol.”

“Would you like a popsicle?”

The boy almost imperceptibly shakes his head.

Mom: “Some juice then, you need to have something to drink.”

The boy doesn’t move.

Mom: “Would you like to have a movie on?  Is there something I can get you?”

Boy: “Mom?”

Mom: “Yes?”

Boy: “Could you play my Super Mario Brothers Wii game and let me watch?”

So my wife made Mario jump, run and fight various opponents while my nine-year old son, who was too sick to even hold the remote, participated vicariously.

Someday, that intense single-minded focus will be directed at cancer or some other great scientific, political or artistic endeavor and mankind will be perceptibly better for it.  Until then, Bowser better look out!


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