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Substitute the Phrase “Kill all the Sick People” in the Healthcare Debate

March 4, 2010

… because if we do nothing, it will only get worse.

…because we have 40 million uninsured burdening the current system.

…because it will lower costs.

…because it will reduce inefficiency.

…because it makes coverage more affordable.

…because it ends discrimination against pre existing conditions.

…because it’s time to make a decision.

Every argument above has been used in the health care debate.  Every one is just as rational with “Kill all the sick people” preceding it as it is with the “solution” of the proponents.  And each one has the same things in common, which makes “kill all the sick people” work for them as effectively as the original s0lutions:

  1. they all fail to take into account ALL the consequences of the action.
  2. they all fail to consider whether the “solution” comes at the expense of individual rights.
  3. they all allow for “solutions” that benefit one group at the expense of another.

It’s probably not an all encompassing fix for debating stupid health care arguments, but it should be a reasonable rule of thumb – if the argument being made is just as effective for “kill all the sick people” as it is for your solution, it is an inadequate argument.

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