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Thoughts on “Ten Reasons I am a Libertarian Christian”

February 27, 2010

Specifically regarding reason seven:

7. My property is mine, and I have the right to privacy in my personal effects. Just as I have no right, Biblical or otherwise, to enter your property and rummage through it, I have no right to delegate that authority to the government. The government should immediately cease and desist actions based on the PATRIOT Act and any form of spying conducted against its citizens.

I understand what the author is trying to state, but more correctly he should state this:

My property is NOT mine – it is God’s and I am His Steward. This is true of each persons property as well. Since I am God’s steward for what he has given me and NOT what he has given anyone else, I have no right to usurp another’s stewardship of God’s property. Since I don’t have that right, I also can’t delegate that right to another person or group – even if that group is the government.

Oh and for more on delegation of rights, and libertarianism in general, I recommend watching The Philosophy of Liberty – it’s probably the most elegant summary I’ve seen online.


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