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Recommendation: From Euler to Edison – a Quick Review of Quick Study Labs

February 26, 2010

Since my post on Project Euler today was rather short, I thought I would throw in a review of the Edison project as a bonus.

My Nine year old son has been taking this online class at quick study labs for the last couple of months.  It’s VERY well geared for him – it features an electronics set that snaps together, simple projects, regular assignments and explanations of what is happening on the circuits you just built.  So far, it has covered parallel and series circuits, resistors, switches, diodes and transistors, just to name a few things.

He loves the class, has learned more electronics in the eight weeks he has taken so far (we just signed up for the second eight week session) than I learned before high school and is even experimenting further on his own!  This is in line with much of what we try to get out of homeschooling in general, so we couldn’t be happier.

I recommend the class to homeschoolers in general and to homeschoolers of children with *the Edison trait* in particular enthusiastically.

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