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Change the Constitution to Allow Foreign Born Presidents

February 4, 2010

Obama’s birth certificate is STILL causing an uproar.

This came out from the Media Research Center on Groundhog’s Day:

MSNBC’s David Shuster on Tuesday used a poll by the liberal website Daily Kos to assert that “most Republicans” don’t believe Barack Obama was born in America and, thus, are birthers.

Now, while I disagree with a lot of what the President says and does and sincerely believe he should not be president, I do NOT think this is the reason he should be removed from office.

Partly it’s because I find the process of using technicalities to get around main issues distasteful (Plenty of people dislike it when guilty people get out of going to prison on a technicality.  This is worse – it’s effectively convicting someone of a technicality when you can’t prove the actual charge).  Mostly though, it’s because I believe the constitutional requirement that the president must be a natural born citizen to be wrongheaded and potentially harmful to the country.

The natural born citizen requirement means Jesse Ventura could be president but Arnold Schwarzenneger can’t, it means that a hard working immigrant who loves the United states more than life can’t be president,  but Caroline Kennedy has a shot.  It means that my adopted son can not be “anything he wants to be when he grows up,” but Jimmy Carter’s drunken brother Billy can.

Where’s the sense in that?

The “natural born citizen” requirement automatically disqualifies some of the hardest working, most patriotic and worldly wise people we have – people who understand what the American dream means and who fled tyranny and corruption for a new start here.  These are people who love our country more than the majority of  the “natural born citizens” around these days – including many of those currently holding office.

The “natural born citizen” requirement automatically disqualifies children born in foreign countries – people like my son, adopted before he was a year old, raised in a loving, christian family with plenty of opportunities to participate in the political process, but without the possibility that his siblings have of one day cualifying for the highest position in the land.

The above are bad enough, but what should be the tipping point is that the “natural born citizen” requirement disqualifies the only people who otherwise actually ARE qualified to run the country – the ones that have run countries BEFORE!

It should be obvious.  When the top positions in business are filled, people look to proven winners to fill them – people who have successfully run large companies and actually know how it is done.  As is painfully obvious, this isn’t the case with the top position in the government.  The closest we have is when we choose a governor as president and even then they often are woefully inadequate on the international court.

Part of the problem is that the position is given away in a popularity contest instead of in a rational way.  The presidential candidates didn’t even submit resumes! Granted Obama is probably the most egregious example of the problems of this in general, but he isn’t the only problem.  More often than not we get someone who is lopsided – experienced with a few aspects of the position, but totally lacking in others – Grant is an example of this.  Obviously the General made a great commander-in-chief, but when dealing with diplomats and more intricate political matters, he was clearly out of his depth.

Wouldn’t it make sense to elect a president who has actually proven he can run a country?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who didn’t need to spend the first year or two learning the ropes – one who could actually handle a crisis on day one?  There are a couple dozen countries that have significant economies and world influence that I would feel comfortable drawing from.

They have a wide variety of political leanings – more than enough to appeal to the major factions in our country.  You think we need a strong president who knows how to handle a crisis and keep his country safe?  You want Putin! You’re tired of conservative ideologues?  How about Jacques Chirac?  You want a female president?  You could do a lot worse than Angela Merkel!  You’ve had it with presidents pushing “climate change” policies down your throat?  consider Lech Walesa! You want real “Hope and Change?”  Nelson Mandela is your man!  There are literally dozens of potential candidates going to waste – any of which would be better than our current leader (yes, even Putin).  And all ineligible simply because of one over the top rule.

Maybe it’s time for a change…


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