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Why Homeschoolers Will Have an Impact

February 2, 2010

Henry Cate of Why Homeschool dropped by and left the first comment of this blog! He brought up the subject of homeschooler influence:

Sometimes I wonder what kind of influence homeschoolers will have. The phrase “Knowledge is power” is true because wisdom and understanding gives an individual greater ability to affect change. They aren’t just trying random things.

Here is my response:

I am certain that homeschoolers will have HUGE influence, but not because homeschoolers are better educated.

Although I do agree that homeschooling provides extremely high quality education – in many cases better than even the most elite private schools can match – I have known too many educated people who fail to make even a significant ripple in their local ponds. Homeschoolers will have influence because their power is focused.

Homeschoolers are more likely to have concrete goals and follow through on them. I base this on my own observations of homeschooled families and our political success when homeschooling becomes an issue on a ballot, but also on the studies of homeschoolers traits like this one:

Success in the “Real World” of Adulthood

The research base on adults who were home educated is growing; thus far it indicates that they:

  • participate in local community service more frequently than does the general population,
  • vote and attend public meetings more frequently than the general population, and
  • go to and succeed at college at an equal or higher rate than the general population.
  • Internalize the values and beliefs of their parents at a very high rate.

I see homeschooling putting children in a position where they can excel, be challenged by the real world, learn to be themselves instead of succumbing to a group identity and figure out what actually matters to them. I see homeschoolers – every day – learning to pursue their interests, overcome setbacks and triumph in ways classrooms simply don’t allow.

Homeschoolers learn values. They learn to prioritize what’s right over what’s popular. They learn to follow through on a project until it is finished and not just until the bell rings. They see how their work brings fruit, learn that they can actually choose what fruit comes forth by choosing what to plant, discover that they can influence how much comes forth by their efforts and how much sweeter it is when it comes from your efforts.

These are lessons that, as adults, will translate into worthwhile endeavors and results making an impact that changes the very landscape around them.

It should very well be an “interesting ride”.

I highly recommend Henry’s blog – he is the one who hosts the Carnival of Homeschooling and as such, does a HUGE service to homeschoolers worldwide.


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