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Standing Between Us and Slavery

December 18, 2009

Friday, 18 Dec 2009.  Obama is in Copenhagen, mightily trying to sell the economic and political freedom of our country to the third world in exchange for a political feather in his cap.  Things are NOT, however, going well for him.  His attempt to undermine the capitalist underpinnings of this country are being thwarted.  His plans are in disarray and he, and the socialist elites he is working with, are being foiled by one country that stood up and defiantly said “NO!”

That country is China.

From Fox News:

COPENHAGEN — The U.N. climate talks were in serious disarray Friday, prompting President Barack Obama to upend his schedule and hold close-door talks with 19 other world leaders to work out a last-minute agreement on fighting global warming.

Delegates earlier blamed both the U.S. and China for the lack of a political agreement that Obama, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and more than 110 other world leaders are supposed to sign within hours.

But French President Nicolas Sarkozy, speaking after the unscheduled meeting with Obama and the other leaders, said progress in the climate talks was being held back by China.

No agreed text had emerged as presidents and premiers were gathering at a Copenhagen convention hall, said Swedish Environment Minister Andreas Carlgren.

“It is now up to world leaders to decide,” he said, suggesting they would be pressed to make last-minute decisions on the thrust of the climate declaration.

Carlgren, negotiating on behalf of the 27-nation European Union, blamed the morning’s impasse on the Chinese for “blocking again and again,” and on the U.S. for coming too late with an improved offer, a long-range climate aid program announced Thursday by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

That’s right, Communist China is ALL that is keeping the United States of America from offering her neck to the yoke of socialism, opening her mouth for the bit and handing the reins to the European Union and the whip to the Third world.

Irony only begins to describe it.


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