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Find Sam Shelton Not Guilty…

December 14, 2009

… For THIS one – he’s still guilty of the rest.

In a previous life, I blogged extensively on Samson Shelton and his crimes, cowardice and incompetence.  Now, I find myself in the odd position of defending him!

For those who don’t know, Sam Shelton, was a teacher dating a student named Ashley Reeves.  He tried to break up with her – in his car, parked in a secluded spot.  She got upset with him (who would have seen THAT coming?).  He tried to throw her out of the car – using her head as a convienent handle.  In the process, he heard a big snap and she started gurgling.  He then tried to choke the life out of her three times and left her for dead in the woods.

THAT stuff he was absolutely guilty for.  He confessed, pled guilty and was found guilty by a jury of his peers.

NOW, however, he is being tried for a subsequent incident.

from STL Today:

A year later, authorities were called to Shelton’s mother’s home in Smithton, where Shelton was on house arrest awaiting the attempted murder charge. Shelton had swallowed pills and written messages on his chest and foot refusing medical condition.

Prosecutors said he began yelling and punching sheriff’s deputies and emergency medical responders when they tried to resuscitate him. They said he continued the behavior at a Belleville hospital, where he allegedly made a racial slur and kicked a nurse in the face.

Now, I am no fan of the guy, but in this particular case, he should NOT be found guilty for assault.

Yes, I believe he kicked the nurse, and I believe he was fighting with the deputies and EMT.  However, since he had very clearly NOT given them permission to lay hands on them and in fact had, in prominent writing, explicitly DENIED them the right to touch him.  When they attempted to resuscitate him, he was merely defending himself.  Really, if anyone should be tried for assault, it should be the EM’s, deputies and the nurse.

And I don’t buy the “he would have died otherwise” argument either.  While I don’t condone suicide, I DO recognize your right to be stupid and self destructive so long as it doesn’t harm innocent bystanders (e.g. you want to shoot yourself, make sure no one is behind you.  Don’t leave the pills you O.D. with out where children can get into them and if you are trying to drive into something immovable at a high speed, make sure you don’t hit anyone along the way or damage any property you don’t own).

So, while his actions were stupid and cowardly, in this particular case I don’t believe they should be considered unlawful.

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.



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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Dumb ass.

  2. Annonymous permalink

    Should he have spent years on the Illinois State Police website for sex offenders as a child murderer? Last I heard she never died. This case was signed sealed and delivered by people like Nancy Grace and Gerraldo months before judgement was passed.

  3. someone permalink

    As an EMT, you’re completely wrong – they were well within protocol to attempt to resuscitate him. If a person is unconscious, it falls under something called implied consent – you have a duty to act and resuscitate him regardless of handwritten notes he penned earlier that day! He would’ve needed to have a signed DNR order – an official legal document – in order for resuscitation efforts to have been assault. He absolutely needs to be found guilty. Do some research before you go running your mouth.

    • Ajsgrl permalink

      Thank you. This person who wrote this ignorant and stupid. What rational person has a thought process so unbelievable. Then to espouse such statements, with NO knowledge of what the hell they are talking about. His ass should be doing LIFE. And is mother us beyond indefensible. Wow what a role model of empathy, compassion and the right values and morals SHE IS NOT. She and her son are beyond PATHETIC.

    • What a brainless statement. He took pills and wrote on himself to get attention and then he assaulted someone – why shouldn’t he be convicted for that? If they had left him to die or suffer permanent brain damage stupid people like you would be complaining about that and saying they should have ignored what he wrote on himself when he was feeling (or pretending to feel) suicidal.

  4. Brenda McEwan permalink

    Dumbass…… for his his mother’s remarks about it being an accident how dare she event say that he strangled her and I notice nothing was said about the victim no compassion. …..yes her golden boy nobody will ever remember his achievements except that he attempted to murder a 17th old his life is finished…….

  5. Dumbest story I have ever read. The teacher should be hung for his crimes not receiving 20 years. The victim has every right to see the excused in court, unfortunately that even means to resuscitate the coward, when he tried killing himself. The fact that your defending his actions, and saying the EMT and nurse should be charged is laughable. You should write stupid across your forehead in marker so people will be informed before hand.

  6. Shane Clark permalink

    You absolute drop kick this bloke deserves not one ounce of sympathy and should basically rot in he’ll. What sort of an animal commits this sort of act on an 18 yo kid then decides they don’t want to face justice and when someone tries to ensure that he faces the full weight of the law you simpleton believes he has the right to assault this person. Moron is the best description for you.

  7. Katie F permalink

    You’re an idiot

    • harmen50 permalink

      And a killer. I hope he will rot in cell! Ans Sam: take with you your awfull mother! She is a bitch!

  8. Bryce McQueen permalink

    Fuck you! Dumbass! That piece of shit needs to be burned alive! I would give anything for 10 minutes alone with this animal. Some people are just born dumb. Your one of them. Only human shit would defend a insect like this. You must be a oxygen thief just like your buddy sam.

  9. Bryce McQueen permalink

    Your a bitch. I would love to meet you in person. My # is 2532575593. Call me anytime. I will come to you. Are You can come to me . I feel sorry for your parents. They really screwed up birthing you. Please dont have any kids. How do people like you live? It doesn’t seem possible!

  10. Bryce McQueen permalink

    Only a child molester would say the things you say! Are you a child molester?

  11. Bryce McQueen permalink

    If you could be arrested for being dumb. You would have been locked up for life a soon as your worthless ass left your mothers worthless womb.

  12. Bryce McQueen permalink

    Do you have a contact #? I’m interested in hearing what a bitch sounds like on the phone. Maybe you belong in a mental hospital? Im 100% sure that your a coward.

  13. Bryce McQueen permalink

    Sams mother is a worthless bitch. Just like him.

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