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What would Make You an Apollo Moon Landing Skeptic?

December 1, 2009

The lost data may be the final straw. In an effort to downplay the damage Recent revelations have done to the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming, some proponents have compared the erased data to the tapes of the Apollo 11 Moon landing erased by NASA. They suggest that basing skepticism of AGW on the fact that the data supporting it no longer exists is akin to being skeptical of the moon landing based on the loss of some data supporting it.

Now I personally believe that we landed on the moon. The vast majority of people believe we landed on the moon and consider moon landing skeptics to be, well, a little nutty. This attempt to paint global warming skeptics with the same brush is based on our natural aversion to associating with lunatics and consequently recoiling at the thought of accepting anything like their arguments.

But how far does that aversion go?

What would it take for you to start questioning whether we landed on the moon? Obviously the loss of some data is not enough, but how much more would it take? Where would you stop taking it as a given that we were on the moon? How about if:

  1. A growing body of physicists start saying that the methods NASA says it used to get to the moon wouldn’t work?
  2. You find out that several of the people who used to say we landed on the moon now say we didn’t?
  3. You then discover that they have a social agenda that requires that we went to the moon?
  4. You find out that the agenda is going to cost you personally a lot of money and potentially disable the economic structure of the free world?
  5. The more skeptics question the moon landing the more irrational NASA becomes, to the extent of trying to shut down any dissent, threatening the naysaying physicists, ruining careers and demanding that people take it on faith regardless of evidence otherwise?
  6. Subsequent telescopic surveys fail to find landers, disturbances in the dust or other evidence we were there?
  7. A hacker releases a HUGE batch of emails from NASA officials that specifically talk of fabricating evidence, blocking evidence against them and keeping the public away from the truth?
  8. Not just a set, but ALL the raw footage showing the landing as well as the raw data of the telemetries, radio chatter, soil and rock samples etc. get destroyed?
  9. Even the New York Times writes about the problems with the moon landing theory?

Would you be skeptical of the moon landing then? If not, what WOULD it take?

“Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy.”

Norman Schwarzkopf


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  1. So you just know without a doubt that we landed on the moon because a) you saw it on TV and b) our government would never lie? You sir, are extremely naive. Your children must have gotten away with a lot of lying.

    • and btw the clincher for me occurred after multiple, detailed views of the entire press conference after the “mission” and after Armstrong’s crypted/nonsensical speech at the 25th Anniv. dinner at the White House. I raised 4 kids, I know lying when I see it. I’m not stupid. The American people, however are. We as a culture are easily fooled, emotionally weak and are unwilling to face uncomfortable facts. Like uneducated children, if it was on TV, then it must be true. This erosion of the ability to think critically for ourselves, use mature judgement, thoughtful investigation and healthy skepticism will be our demise.

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